Water and Wastewater Facility Projects

Water Reclamation Facility, City of New Bern, North Carolina
The project provides a non-discharge method of disposal of highly treated reuse quality wastewater effluent. Tertiary treated effluent is pumped from the New Bern Wastewater Treatment Plant to the abandoned Glenburnie Road quarry site for storage and infiltration into the groundwater.


Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion, City of New Bern, North Carolina
Planned, designed and provided a new 6.5 MGD Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion project.


Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plants, Hyde County and Ocracoke Island, North Carolina
Rivers designed one of the first reverse osmosis (R/O) water treatment plants for local governments in North Carolina. Rivers has designed three R/O plants including the Hyde County Ponzer and Fairfield Plants and the Ocracoke Sanitary District R/O plant.


Water System Improvements, Eastern Pines Water Corporation, North Carolina
The project included the design, permitting and construction administration and inspection of two new production wells that were drilled into the Castle Hayne Aquifer system and capable of producing 210 GPM each.


Wastewater Treatment Plant, Town of Beaufort, North Carolina
This project was in response to violations to the Town's NPDES discharge permit and the age and general condition of the Wastewater Treatment Facilities.? The project involves design, permitting and construction of a new 1.5 MGD WWTP with nutrient removal capacity and tertiary filtration.


Vacuum Sewer System and Sanitary Sewer Gravity Collection System, Town of Trent Woods, North Carolina
This project included the development of a vacuum sewer system and a gravity sanitary sewer system for the Town of Trent Woods.


Septic Tank Effluent Pump (STEP) Low Pressure Sewer System, Town of Chocowinity, North Carolina
Designed a sanitary sewer collection and transmission system for 360 residences and 7 commercial users which included 93,000 LF of pressure sewer collection mains and a 350 GPM transmission pump station.


Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion, Phases I & IIA, City of Washington, North Carolina
Phase I of this project increased the capacity at the Wastewater Treatment Plant to 3.65 MGD and included a 95' diameter clarifier, 2 additional tertiary filters, a 40' x 50' metal maintenance building, and a wastewater reuse system.? Phase IIA of this project included a parallel 2.1 MGD ditch with selector tanks, RAS Pump Station, and an associated power zone center.


Water Treatment Plant, City of New Bern, North Carolina
The project consisted of a new 5.0 MGD groundwater Water Treatment Plant for iron removal and softening, located on 60 acres of land owned by the City of New Bern. The plant includes fifteen wells, raw water mains, a finished water main and a backwash waste force main.


Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion, Town of Williamston, North Carolina
The Wastewater Treatment Plant expansion was to increase capacity to 2.4 MGD. The engineering services were originally executed in 1993 for the study and report phase services. In 1997, Rivers scope of services continued conducting the preliminary and final design phases. In 1999, Rivers conducted the construction and inspection phase services. In September, 2001, Rivers prepared of the Town’s Operations and Maintenance Manual.


Water System Improvements, Warren County, North Carolina
Rivers has been working with Warren County for over 10 years improving the County’s water systems by Districts and phases.


Water Treatment Plant, City of Washington, North Carolina
The plant was expanded from its former capacity of 4.5 MGD to treat up to 6.0 MGD.


Water Supply and Treatment Facility, Town of Chocowinity, North Carolina
The upgrade of the Town of Chocowinity Castle Hayne Aquifer water system consists of new water supply wells.


Sanitary Sewer System Rehabilitation, Town of Beaufort, North CarolinaThe Town of Beaufort is operating its sanitary sewer collection system and wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) under a Special Order by Consent (SOC) to identify I/I problems, rehabilitate the collection system and improve its WWTP.  The purpose of this project is to reduce infiltration/inflow (I/I) into the Beaufort sanitary sewer collection system.


5th and Respess Street Pump Station, City of Washington, North Carolina

A new 3,600 GPM capacity pump station replaced an older station which experienced frequent flooding from major thunderstorms and hurricanes. The pump station handles approximately 75% of the flow to the WWTP.


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